Bid And Mare Information

BIDS: Please note that all breeding fees must be paid in full by the successful bidder. Failure to do so will result in legal action by Bar B Lazy C Ranch LLC for breach of contract and forfeiture of future bidding privileges at Gallop Auctions. Payments must be made to the Gallop Stallion Services Auction, and we accept Discover Cards, MasterCard, and Visa only - not American Express. If you send a mailed bid, please make sure it is postmarked by January 22, 2024, and include the payment enclosed. In case your offer is not accepted, checks will be returned immediately. You can make phone and online bids before January 28th at 509-990-4167 or through the Gallop website. On the day of the auction, Sunday, January 28, 2024, we will live stream the event on the internet at WWW.GALLOPAUCTION.COM. You can bid live from your computer or phone by dialing the toll-free 1-866 flashing phone number on your screen starting at 11:00 AM PST or by pre-registering on our website and bidding online or via cell phone. The auction will begin at noon Pacific Standard Time.

MARES:When choosing a stallion for breeding, it's essential to check the breed of the mare, which is specified in the stallion writeup and Gallop stallion contract. Before breeding, a licensed veterinarian must check the mares to ensure they're healthy and have a clean health certificate. Notably, mare boarding or transporting semen costs aren't included in the package. The mare care prices and requirements will be set by the stallion owner/stallion station in their mare care contracts. If the stallion dies or becomes sterile during the breeding season of the signed contract and has yet to service the mare, the Gallop Stallion Services Auction will refund the service buyer. This refund will be a credit towards purchasing another stallion breeding in the next GALLOP STALLION SERVICES AUCTION, or if the remaining credit balance is, it will be issued that following year.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the stallion owner nor the Bar B Lazy C Ranch LLC will be held responsible for any accidents, sickness, or death of the mare or foal. Similarly, the mare owner and Bar B Lazy C Ranch LLC will not be held liable for any accidents, illnesses, or death of the stallion. The responsibility of mare care or the transported semen contract between the stallion owner and service buyer lies solely with the individual stallion owner and buyer of service.

If the seller has not shared any genetic testing information, we recommend contacting the owner or breeding facility to obtain the necessary updated details. We make sure to post any verification of Five-Panel testing that we receive.

Updated announcements on the day of the Gallop Event take precedence over printed material.

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