Going To Call the Buffalos by Artist, Robert Duncan

Going To Call the Buffalos by Artist, Robert Duncan

Traditionally, Native American Indians used bows, arrows, and tomahawks to bring in the hunt and defend their territorial rights. Although Federal Law prohibits the collection or sale of archeological artifacts, present-day Native American Indians carefully handcraft replicas of these artifacts. These artifacts continue to represent nobleness, strength, dignity, and courage. When not used, they were displayed in households for protection from all negative and evil forces.

Measurements - 37" Vertically x 45" Horizontally

Robert Duncan was born and raised in Utah but spent his childhood summers on his grandfather’s ten-thousand-acre Wyoming cattle ranch. An aspiring artist from an early age. Robert began painting at the age of 11. He studied at the University of Utah and worked as a commercial artist before his full-time dedication to fine art.

In 1982, Duncan was the youngest person invited to join the Cowboy Artists of America organization. During his five-year association with the group, Duncan developed a national following for his oil paintings, which mainly feature historical subjects. Duncan says, “I’m interested in how we are all alike and universal feelings. I also paint out of concern that we are losing sight of things that profoundly impact our souls and well-being.

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