McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital 'Mare Breeding Package.'

McKenlay & Peters Equine Mare Breeding Package

McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital 'Mare Breeding Package.'

Are your plans to transport semen to your mare this breeding season? Is your veterinarian hospital accomplished in the reproduction knowledge of transported cooled and frozen semen?

At McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital, Dr. Jed McKinlay takes pride in leading their Reproduction Center. Their business was built mainly around reproduction, and Dr. McKinlay's specialty remains a mainstay of their practice.

The Reproduction Centre is located in Colbert, Washington, and is state of the art for breeding stallions, mare coverage, and foaling out offspring. Dr. McKinlay offers exceptional quality reproductive services. McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital utilizes the most up-to-date techniques for treating mares with fertility issues. Year after year, many mare owners return to have their mares artificially inseminated with transported fresh, cooled, or frozen semen. Their reproduction Centre's excellent results and professional care are second to none in the northwest.

They are a Select Breeders Services Affiliate Lab. This Affiliation holds them to the highest standards in semen preparation, handling, and storage in the industry.

This amazing Mare Breeding package (into the hundreds) will Include:

*7 Days Mare Board

*All Ultrasound Exam Fees

*Insemination Fees

*Uterine Culture Fees


*Ovulation Induction Drugs

*Caslicks (if needed)

*Pregnancy Diagnosis @ 14 Days

Gallop is indebted to McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital for their support and compassion in helping families who need to be with their children while receiving medical aid in a hospital.

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