Sail On Sailor

Stallion now stands for $1,500.00. Transported cooled semen is available. Additional Chute fee: Due to this being a Ronald McDonald House Charities donated breeding; Ken & Kari Bradley of K2 Ranch have waived the additional chute fee as part of their additional support to RMHC families. Mare care, veterinary expenses and/or transported semen fees will be additional. Breed of mare is to be a registered Paint, Thoroughbred, or Quarter Horse.

Sail On Sailor

APHA's Reserve World Champion Halter Stallion, Sail On Sailor, has joined the ranks of helping families who need to be with their child in a hospital while receiving medical care! Described as a sweet horse full of personality, extremely intelligent, and able to learn quickly. As a two-year-old, he broke out to ride easily, taking everything in stride. He is the kind of halter horse that can be a competitive standout in the show pen yet possesses a beautiful natural athletic movement. Sailor (as he is called) possesses good-sized bone, is solid over his back, has excellent set hocks, a huge hip, a long neck that sits high, a gorgeous head, and a beautiful shoulder angle. He is sired by the late World Champion APirates Life For Me, who, in a few short years of his life, sired (43) World and Reserve World Champions in AQHA, APHA, PHBA, IBHA, ABRA, PtHA. The late Caribbean Kid sires his dam, a multiple World Champion Sire, out of an own daughter of APHA Hall Of Fame, Barlink Macho Man. Sail On Sailor was crowned the 2021 APHA Reserve World Champion Two-Year-Old and Over SPB- Halter Stallion. After losing his sire and grandsire in 2017, his owners, K2 Ranch, were determined not to let their special bloodline die after nearly two decades to perfect. Blessed enough to get one offspring from their sire, APirates Life For Me through frozen semen and years to get a colt out of his filly-producing dam, Sail On Sailor was the final result! Born with a purpose, he can carry on this tremendous bloodline for his owners and options for breeders in the industry. His pedigree is full of incredible horses, but for K2 Ranch and the breeders behind him, much attention was put on exceptional mares. This is why Sailor will be a great breeding horse. K2 Ranch believes he's the stallion that will carry on future generations of his exceptional bloodlines that run powerful in his genes.

Sail On Sailor is registered with AQHA, APHA, and PHBA. He stands over 17 hands high, possessing that sought-after dark rich golden palomino color. He is 5 Panel Negative and Negative for OLWS (Overo Lethal White Syndrome). Sailor is now registered with APHA 'Regular' papers. Every baby resulting from him (from a Paint mare) will qualify for APHA 'REGULAR' REGISTRY. The new W34 gene that Sailor has been found to carry has been accepted as a new white/color gene by APHA! He is the first APHA horse to have been found to have it. A request to change Sailor's papers to 'regular registry' has occurred. This will mean that every paint mare he breeds (whether solid or loud color) will have a baby that can get a 'regular registry' per the APHA rule. This will give you more opportunities, classes, and fun showing your offspring. It also means that he can safely breed loud overo mares as he is negative for the lethal white. Registered SAIL ON SAILOR with AQHA, SAIL ON SAILOR TOO will be his registered APHA Name.

Sail On Sailor offspring be eligible for the Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund for APHA, AQHA, BHF Color Division, WCHA, APHA Platinum, Big Money, and the Breeders Trust. If you are looking for super-minded foals that show lots of presence with tremendous versatility, this Reserve World Champion stallion can do it all for you. Now is your chance to introduce the bloodline of this powerful stallion into your mare's pedigree and to present another champion in the show pen. Ken & Kari Bradley of K2 Ranch welcomes you to join in "Building on the future while honoring the past."

Ken & Kari Bradley

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